Journal fait à la mer du Sud avec les flibustiers de l’Amérique
Paris, Jacques Le Febvre, 1705
12ve (161 x 92 mm) de 6 unn.l., 443 pp. Mottled calf, spine with raised bands, speckled edges (contemporary boonding)
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Polak, 7962; JCBL V, 705/144 ; Leclerc, Bibliotheca Americana, 487 for the 2nd edition of 1690 ; Howgego, Encyclopedia of Exploration to 1800 I, p. 654; Sabin, 67984, and de Diesbach, , Bibliothèque Jean Bonna, XVIIe siècle, no. 276 for the first edition.

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Reissue of this text which forms the third volume of the Histoire des Aventuriers flibustiers by Exquemelin.

Embarked at the age of twenty-two (?) in Dieppe for Saint-Domingue, Raveneau de Lussan stayed there for three years and “joined a band of freebooters in order to honour the debts he had contracted. The author does not spare us any fighting or looting and gives us all the violence committed by the pirates, whose life is depicted in a very realistic way. Raveanu de Lussan also describes the sites, the animals, the plants and the customs of the Indians. The book is mainly about Cuba, Chile, Peru, Central America and Mexico… According to Gilbert Chinard, Daniel Defoe would have drawn from this journal some inspiration for the first part of his Robinson Crusoe” (Soultrait).

Very good copy, binding skilfully restored.