Indian Tour 1888-1889. With photographs by Samuel Bourne & Lala Deen Dayal
Indian Tour 1888-9
India, 1888-1889
Large 4to oblong album (394 x 330 mm) with 54 large albumen prints (ca. 205 x 265 mm) of which 39 depict sites of India, mounted on strong boards. Contemporary 3/4 green morocco backed boards, captioned ‘Indian Tour 1888-9’ on front cover].
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A fine album documenting a journey from the Mediterranean Sea to India, with impressive pictures of Gibraltar, Malta, Egypt and the Suez Canal, Golf of Aden, and India (38). It includes two panoramic views (each composed of 2 images), one of the Gulf of Aden, the other of Jaipur.

Artists include : Laurent, Agius, H. Arnoux, Samuel Bourne (1834-1912), or are attributed to Lala Deen Dayal (1844-1905).


Europe (5) :

–           Gibraltar. (Y. Laurent y Companhia)

–           Isola Point. Malta. (G. Agius).

–           Entrance of the Great Harbour. Malta. (G. Agius).

–           Street of St. Lucia. Malta. (G. Agius).

–           High Altar of St. John’s Church. Malta. (G. Agius).

Egypte (5) :

–           Port Saïd. (Arnoux).

–           Suez Canal.

–           Ferry on the Canal. (Zangalli).

–           Station on the Canal. (H. Arnoux).

–           Moses Well. Suez. (Arnoux).

Yemen (4 pictures of 3 sites) :

–           Aden. (Panoramic view, 2 pictures).

–           [Water] Tanks at Aden.

–           Wood Market. Aden.

India (40 pictures of 39 sites) :

–           Street in Colombo.

–           Road near Colombo.

–           Native bazaar. Ceylon. (S. Owen).

–           Kandy.

–           Kandy.

–           Buddhist Temple. Kandy.

–           Newera Elyia.

–           Hotel at Newara Elyia.

–           Hindoo Temple. Madura.

–           [Other view of Hindoo Temple. Madura].

–           Darjeeling. (signed : Bourne, 1871).

–           Benares [Samuel Bourne].

–           Benares [Possibly Samuel Bourne, see

–           Lucknow. [Attributed to Samuel Bourne].

–           Building at Lucknow. [Attributed to Samuel Bourne].

–           The Same. [Atributed to Samuel Bourne].

–           English Club. Lucknow.

–           Memorial Well & Garden. Cawnpore.

–           Taj Mahal. Agra.

–           Taj Mahal [from a different angle].

–           Interior of the Taj [numbered 3413]

–           Pearl Mosque. Agra.

–           The Fort. Agra.

–           Tomb of Itmad doo Dowlah. Agra.

–           Jumma Musjid. Delhi.[Numbered 1958, attributed to Lala Deen Dayal].

–           Kutab Minar. Delhi. [Numbered 1983, attributed to Lala Deen Dayal].

–           Colonnade at the Kutab Minar. Demlhi [Signed Bourne, 1374].

–           Main Street. Ulwur. [Attributed to Lala Deen Dayal].

–           Jeypur. [2 sheet panorama. Signed in the negative: Manakh Chowk. Jeypur].

–           Palace at Amber. Old Jeypur.

–           Courtyard of Palace.

–           Interior of Palace. [Numbered in the negative : 144].

–           Aimere. [Attributed to Lala Deen Dayal].

–           Aimere. [Numbered in the negative : 1716, attributed to Lala Deen Dayal].

–           Mosque at Aimere. [Numbered in the negative : 1727, attributed to Lala Deen Dayal].

–           “Two and a half days Temple”. Aimere. [Numbered in the negative : 1722, attributed to Lala Deen Dayal].

–           Mosque at Ahmedabad. [Numbered in the negative : 1170, attributed to Lala Deen Dayal].

–           Bombay. From Malabar Hill.

–           Elephanta Caves. Bombay.

A very fine album, well preserved in its contemporary binding.