First edition.
CARNOT, Nicolas Léonard Sadi
Réflexions sur la puissance motrice du feu et sur les machines propres à développer cette puissance
Paris, Bachelier, 1824.
8vo (193 x 123 mm) 2 unn.ll., 118 pp., 1 engraved plate. Early 20th century red-morocco backed boards.
Dibner, 155 ; DSB, III, pp. 79-84 ; En Français dans le texte, 239 ; Roberts & Trent, pp. 63-64 ; PMM, 285.

This landmark book anticipated both the first and second laws of thermodynamics; it is the author’s only publication.

“Using the fallible analogy of a water-wheel and the language of caloric theory, the book was essentially an attempt to calculate the mechanical equivalent of heat; Carnot devised the type of apparatus afterwards used by J.P. Joule to produce exact figures in 1841. His work led directly to the enunciation of the theory of the conservation of energy by Helmholtz in 1847.” (PMM, 285).

It is known that only 600 copies of this book were printed.

Illustrated with one engraved plate. Some spottings, generally a good copy.